Mary Mary’s Erica & Tina Give You A Guide On How To Be The Best You!

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Being your authentic self — “you” — has more to do with the strength God puts in our hearts than it does with how we look on the outside. It’s all about seeing ourselves as God sees us; beautiful, forgiven, cherished and loved.

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As we have grown in our faith and womanliness, we have found that the recipe for developing and flourishing requires the following ingredients:

BE HONEST: We’re big on honesty. With each other, with our family and friends, and with the world. The Tina and Erica you see on stage are the real Tina and Erica, not some manufactured image. We believe honesty is the way to go. Life works better when you tell the truth, to yourself and to everybody else, especially to God, because He knows it all anyway. You won’t be fooling Him!

BE BEAUTIFUL:Not the way the world measures beauty, but on the inside, where it really counts. A woman who fears and trusts her maker is a beautiful woman. She knows what’s going to last and what’s worth striving for. She blesses others and isn’t just out for herself. That kind of beauty isn’t about your clothes or your hair or your jean size. It’s about loving and living well; the kind of beauty that never fades.

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